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    Shivananda Lahari Telugu Pdf

    can try out for free. Sivananda lahari in telugu pdf. To download SIVANANDA LAHARI IN TELUGU PDF, click on the Download button. Sri Adi Sankaracharya's Shivananda Lahari [Waves of the Bliss of Shiva] (Image from Chitra Adi Sankara - a pictorial depiction of Sri. Lord Shiva Stotrams – Shivananda Lahari Lyrics in Telugu: కలాభ్యాం చూడాలంకృత-శశి కలాభ్యాం నిజ తపః- ఫలాభ్యాం భక్తేశు.

    Home Vedanta Books Other Panchadasi. By Sri Vidyaranya Swami. Translated by Swami Swahananda. Saraswati Sanskrit, Sarasvat is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning worshipped throughout Nepal and India. Navaratri Sanskrit, literally nine nights, also spelled Navratri or Navarathri, is a nine nights ten days Hindu festival, celebrated. Published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. Salutation to the lotus feet of my Guru Sri Sankarananda whose only work is. This discussion about the discrimination of Truth Brahman from untruth is. The objects of knowledge, viz. Similar is the case in the dream state. Here the perceived objects are.

    In benevolent aspects, he is depicted as an omniscient Yogi who lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash,as well as a householder with wife Parvati and two sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya or as the Cosmic Dancer. In fierce aspects, he is often depicted slaying demons. The most recognizable iconographic-al attributes of the god are a third eye on his forehead, a snake around his neck, the crescent moon adorning and the river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, the trishula as his weapon and the damaru as his instrument.

    Shiva as we know him today shares features with the Vedic god Rudra. Features in Version 1.

    Detailed Introduction. Ad free App for zero diversion while reading and listening. Easy and simple swipe page's to navigate to any page along with audio. Play or pause audio on any page while reading the meaning of the Stotram. Use Seek-bar to navigate to any position in audio along with their respective page.

    Plays in background when phone is locked. Auto resume from the last played position on the page. Oh Lord of all beings, Oh Consort of Goddess Gowri 7 , Oh all pervading one, Just like the swan desires the cluster of lotus flowers, Just like the Chataka 8 bird intensely longs for the blue dark cloud, Just like the Chakravaka 9 bird longs for Sun, the Lord of lotus flowers, And just like the Chakora 10 bird longs for the moon every day, My mind longs for thine pair of lotus like feet, Which can be searched only by path of knowledge, And which bestows the bliss of emancipation.

    Just like the man dragged by flood longs for the bank, Just like the tired traveler longs for the tree shade, Just like the one who is afraid of rain longs for a pleasant home, Just like the traveling guest longs for the sight of hospitable householder, Just like the poor longs for the charitable rich, Just like the one terrified by darkness longs for the light, And just like one suffering from biting cold longs for the open fire, Oh my mind, you long for the lotus feet of Shambhu.

    Which removes all fears and phobias and gives pleasure. Like the real seed progeny reaches for the mother ankola tree, Like the iron needle reaches for the load stone.

    Lahari Panchakam

    Like the chaste woman reaches for her lord, Like the tender creeper reaches for near by trees, Like the river reaches for the sea, If the spirit of the mind, Reaches for the lotus feet of Pasupathi, And stays there always, Then that state is called devotion.

    Oh Lord, the mother called devotion, Bathes with tears of joy and feels enthralled, Dresses she using the clean and pure mind, Feeds and fills up the belly she with the nectar of your stories, Found in words at the tip of the conch like vessel, Protects she the body with Rudraksha and ash as amulets, And takes care of the devotee child, Placed in the cradle of Your memory.

    The way faring sandals become the kusa crown of Pasupathi, The gargled mouthful of water become the holy water of bath , To him who destroyed the three cities, The just tasted pieces of the remaining meat , Become the holy offering to the Lord, And wonder of wonders,the hunter who lives in the forest Becomes the king of devotees.

    What is there in this world that devotion to the Lord cannot do? This sloka refers to the devotion shown by Kannappa a hunter devotee of Lord Shiva. In the forest he used to remove his sandals and place it on the top of the idol, bring water in his mouth to bathe the idol and offer to the lord the meat pieces which he found were tasty.

    Hey , Consort of Gowri, Your tiny tender pair of feet is engaged, In kicking at the chest of God of Death, In trampling over hard hearted Apasmara, In traveling on the mountains, And in being beside the crowns on the heads of Devas, Who prostrate before you.

    Always recognize and be pleased to wear, The gem studded shoes of my mind and travel.

    Oh bestower of happiness, You create the world for your sport, All the people there are but animal toys to you, All that I do is for your pleasure, And it is true that all my actions are instrument fine.

    For the pleasure of your devotees, So, Lord of All beings, My protection should indeed be done by you. I seek refuge in meditation on the eternal Sadashiva Which is the pretty land that can grow, Vivid types of joy, pleasure full copious tears, And real innate thrills in life, Which is also the eternal stable state, And which is sought by people searching for fruits, Oh, store house of mercy, Oh, Lord of all beings, Please be kind enough to look after, The cow of my devotion to you, Which constantly yields the ambrosia of happiness, Which lives in the stable of your feet, And which is the result of great and good deeds.

    Idiocy , irrationality , blemishes, And crooked gait , I do not have. If but I had, I may perhaps be, Suitable as your ornament. In public and in secret, And with independent intellect, You are suitable to be worshipped. Oh Lord ,who is pinnacle of graciousness, And oh my Lord ,who can grant countless blessings, So more than the impermanent world, You ,the lord with the moon, Is always in my heart. With the bow string of peak devotion, With the bow of meditation, With memory of Shiva as the collection of arrows, Which never gets depleted, The best among the intellects, Becomes victorious after winning, Over the enemies called sin, And attains the stable kingdom of heaven.

    Sivananda Lahari Telugu Meaning Pdf File

    Having located with the magic collyrium of meditation, Having thrown light and destroyed darkness, Using the chanting of the name of the Lord, If any one can bring to the top, Your lotus feet with serpentine ornaments, Which is worshipped by devas by the great sacrifice, Of repetition of your great story, They attain the meaning of life.

    Oh good mind of mine, Do the chanting of the names, Of the lotus feet of the God of universe, In search of which even lord Vishnu, Who has Lakshmi and Goddess Earth as consorts, Took the form of a wild boar, And which is the fertile land, In which the panacea giving salvation from life grows. What else great can you attain in this world?

    Engaged in removing by the ceaseless divine smell, The desire, bondage, suffering and bad conduct within us, Is the lotus feet of Him who wears the ether as garment, And so let the box of my mind may be bestowed with divine fragrance.

    Oh enemy of the cupid, Oh leader of the universe, Oh God who travels on a bull, Please mount and travel, My mind which is a horse, Which is auspicious, Which has varied charming gaits, Which moves with speed, Which is skilled in knowing gestures of others, Which does not have blemishes, And which has auspicious looks.

    How else could it be? My mind to get fixed on the lotus feet of the Lord, Resembles the sweetheart separated from her lover, And always remembers, has sweet dreams, Recollects of early meetings and sings about it, And in similar fashion chants the names of Lord Shiva, In a trance and gets worried.

    Teach me the etiquette of serving the great, With devotion, with clean mind and with attachment to the good, And exalt my intellect, Oh, my Lord, Like the noble groom leads his new bride. Daily used to move in soft lotus petalled mind of Yogis, Oh Lord who is bestower of happiness, How did it wound, the hard doors of the chest of God of death, My mind is worried about your pair of feet that are tender and soft, Oh God who is everywhere, Make them visible to my eye, And I will gently massage it with my hands.

    This one will be born, his mind is hard, And I have to dance on it. So thinking my lord , To save me ,you walked with your tender soft feet, On hard surfaced mountains, During yore and practiced and learnt. If it is not so instead of walking, In divine homes, beds of flowers, And well laid out paths.

    Is it the meaning of that, Oh Shambhu? Hey , Lord who is with his consort Uma, He who can spend some time For worshipping your lotus feet, For doing meditation and mixing with you, For saluting you, For hearing your holy stories, For being in your prescence, For singing your fame, And being happy with his mind offered to you, Attains salvation even when he is alive.

    Oh Lord of Arya 11 , The lord Vishnu became your arrow 12 and bull 13 , Occupied half your body, Became transformed to be your wife, Occupying half your body Became a boar to search for you, Became your lady friend to serve the nectar, Became the player of drum while you danced, And offered his eye in worship at your feet, He also took half the share of your body as Harihara, And so he becomes eminently suitable for worship, For who else is there greater than him.

    Sri Shivananda Lahari

    There is no doubt that worship of mortal gods Subject to birth and death will ever give even little happiness, Worship of birthless Lord with Amba, who has deathless body, Leads to supreme pleasure and those who do are blessed. Oh , Lord Shiva who rules all the world, And who is the friend of all the world, Oh Lord who is ocean of bliss, Oh store house of mercy, To serve you besides your consort Gowri, I am presenting you the maid of my intellect, Who has all good qualities, With a request to you.

    To live in the house of my mind. Ignorant I am , as to how to churn the ocean, Incapable I am of digging and going to Patala 14 , Nor am I a skilled hunter of wild animals, So how will I ever arrange your worship,Lord who wears the moon, With food 15 , ornament 16 and cloths 17 that you like. Neither I can become a swan nor a boar, And how will I ever find your crown and your tender feet, When even Brahma and Vishnu who took those forms , Could not ever know about them.

    Oh Lord Shambhu, Your food is poison 18 , Your ornaments are the snakes, Your clothes are thick hides, And your vehicle is the big , majestic bull.

    What are you ever going to offer me, That I need out of these? What else have you got?

    Please give me only devotion, To your lotus like feet. How will I ever worship thee lord. For I have not built the bridge across the sea 19 , I have not subdued the king of the mountain 20 , By palm of my hands, And I am nor born out of lotus from the belly of Lord Vishnu 21 , If I ever do or attain these, Then I would become capable, Of offering flowers, singing your praise and meditating on you. Hey, Lord, who rules over the universe, You seem to become more pleased, With bow or with pestle or with stones.

    By words I would sing your story, Oh, Lord Shambhu. He who shines with the moon in his crown, The primeval ignorance that used to live in my heart , From the beginning of time has disappeared by your grace.

    And that knowledge which solves problems is living there. And so I meditate on your lotus feet, Which gives only good and grants salvation. Bad events, bad fate, bad luck, sorrow, Bad egotism and bad words, Have been driven away from me.

    And uplift me ,who has been constantly drinking, The tasty stories of yours, Oh Lord of Uma with your looks of blessing. Oh Lord who wears the crescent of the moon, Oh Lord, who has a neck with the colour of black cloud, Oh Lord , who is the brightest light, Oh Lord, who owns every thing, Oh Lord, who is the consort of Girija, Let my heart be delighted without break.

    That which speaks of Lord Shiva , is the tongue, That which see Him, are the eyes, That which worship Him , are the hands, And he who always remembers him, is the fulfilled man.

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