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Speakout Advanced maitertirazo.ga 66 MB. WB maitertirazo.ga MB. Speakout Advanced Teacher's maitertirazo.ga MB. podcasts maitertirazo.ga MB. podcasts 2. Speakout Advanced (TB) (Advanced ONLINE Teacher's Download PDF Advanced ONLINE Teacher's RESOURCES Resource Book. Скачать / Download: Speakout. Advanced. Student's Book. Workbook. Teacher's Book. Clare A., Wilson JJ. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3).

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Speak Out Advanced Teachers Book Pdf

Speakout is a comprehensive English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials from the BBC. With its wide . Speakout 2nd Edition Advanced: Teacher's Guide. Speakout is a Teacher's Guide (PDF, 25 MB): Here Labels: Coursebook, for teachers. Speakout Advanced Teacher's Book by Damian Williams, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

You will hear someone called Karen Williams talking about her career. For questions , complete the sentences with a word or short phrase. You will hear the piece twice. Karen's ambition was to work as a hotel 0 manager. You will hear an interview with someone who consulted a 'life coach' to improve her life. For questions , choose the most appropriate option, A, B or C.

Some come from the root word. Spacious M living area. This looks like a good place to die. One day I arrived to find 7 We watched the election. Even the leather c whose result chair. Home is the best work space for me. IT 1 In what kinds of clauses can you sometimes use that instead of who.

Why is this possible? I just need big windows.

Jean-Paul Sartre. To say that the Hotel Chelsea has an interesting history would be an understatement. Arthur C Clarke spelling of the root word usually changes.

E non-conformity. SA doors. One of numerous examples of 4 There are rules that tell us which prefixes we wild adventures behind its closed can add to each root word. Jackson Pollock. Frida Kahlo. Its proactive new managers soon got it up and running again and. Its famous unhappy. PL and Jack Kerouac wrote. You can walk nine miles along it from Camden Market to Little Venice. Jimi Hendrix. Since the early twentieth century. Bob Dylan. Although prosperous at first. The fame of the building itself pre-dates its fame as a hotel.

We use un. A Space Odyssey and On 2 We cannot add more than one prefix at a time the Road while living in the hotel. The Interpreter. IT Environmental psychology is a field of science amenities infrastructure congestion that looks at the ways in which we are affected by abandonment tolls regeneration our surroundings.

What problems might there be? Sometimes less is more — towns such as Bohmte in Germany have found that the best way to slow traffic is to remove all road signs and markings. Almost every aspect of the built environment. By removing visual clutter and making spaces easier to navigate.

The transport links are poor teaming up with designers to build spaces that are safer E and the power supply often fails. The idea soon caught on. To start up with.

M The aim of the project is to … e Is there any way we can reduce the costs? What we plan to do is … 2 Which two expressions ask if there is flexibility to change a plan? PL Just to give a bit of background information. Does anyone have any questions? Manor Studios was where some great films were made in the s. Think about: Is there anything that needs the clarification? Africa on a 7. He starts his African journey percent a year for over a decade. What are the best 1 How is Bamako changing?

Would 4 How is cheaper technology transforming the lives of you like to live there? How would your people in Bamako? Jonathan Dimbleby returns to two million people. During the festival. Think about your audience — who is the documentary for?

Think about your purpose — what issue would you like to focus on? What do you want people to learn from your video? What attitude do you want them to leave with? Think about your plan — how will you make your information engaging and appealing? Will you include interviews? What will you call the documentary? There are musical performances.

It On the downside. You need to pitch a plan for a short documentary about your country. What are they? The aim of the documentary would be 6 What are the similarities and differences between your country to film the four-day festival in order to and your neighbouring countries? U dances. The music of our heritage 1 What is special about your country? This documentary would examine the 2 What are the highs and lows of living in your country?

What Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in features would you focus on in a documentary about your Panama. Nowadays though. I suppose. The documentary would highlight the E I would describe Canada as geographically … atmosphere at the festival. Do you feel strongly about any of them? The mejorana is a small guitar.

I have to 3 I bought a computer. Set in a picturesque part of the city. Are you asleep? IT 3 Bangles II is a bright.

Vietnam is a top park. What am I? What did they add? Someone added plans and experiences time. It has no doors or windows 2 They bought the house. U live has been run by the same couple cocktails. People come to chat. Do you do PL anything creative in your life?

The Culture Show: Tate Modern is 10! What do you think of the project? Have there voyeuristic watching people go about their daily lives. I admire them for their courage. IT onlookers. Answer questions 1—4 below. Group B: While the debate went on. Which three last was a medical photographer. Should it be a statue of another British hero 2 These are normal people acting as if they were artists.

What do you think it is 1 Would you rather somebody took you to a film or to 5 people who are watching paragraph 2 to light up his suit. The plan was to develop a compelling 1 Which tense are the final verbs in each underlined N meaning of unknown words.

Not e What to do with the fourth plinth been any similar projects in your country? She overran her hour. Emma Burns. What do you think of each should go on it. David Rosenberg. Would you?

Which seemed to be challenging the idea that only famous old soldiers one? In English. These depict old soldiers — British heroes who helped build its empire. Rather than select from the Group A: I 2 Gormley decided to offer the plinth to members of the think it would be hard. Gormley also clause? One of the verbs is a different tense. All I could hear was 4 If someone from your home town said. Cooper said. Lockwood said.

I felt like I was did something cultural. Antony Gormley. What would you have said? Think of as many as rubbish collectors. Which ones do you agree with?

Use a dictionary to check the for twenty-four hours. It was an unconventional project. A rock concert or a ballet? Think of films. Darren Cooper performed a silent disco for an hour. Then compare your answers birthday party.

Which would you choose? Heather Pringle. While there. Now say the whole word. Teach them E your words. In two years. What do you think of the ideas suggested? Write them in your notebook. The top ten are go on. Read your sentences to a partner. The owners want a dramatic sculpture for the roof.

Can we say: M 1 Where do you think people in different jobs might find 1 Your younger brother is thinking about going to university. The rain? Which pieces SA Compare your answers in pairs. Make notes about what their job is and 4 You convinced your family to go out for a walk. I prefer golf. Decide which sculpture to recommend to each company. The company include any of the phrases on your list? Can you think of recently relocated to a stylish other ways to express the phrases in bold?

Does it wears jeans and shorts. What do they mean? Live for Now. The new 1 You stole the money. Most has had for a while? Write heart. What does she do with in texts. How does it work? Use a good dictionary and find some common collocations on.

You have two minutes. Whether they are changing the world of yesterday to think of questions you have never been asked before.

Compare combinations in the review in Exercise 9A. Make your review interesting by using a sport. I was for his ideas which act together to give detail. The rest of the filming is live.

Speakout Advanced Teacher's Book with Resource and Assessment Disc - 2nd Edition

The British Library Price: Gromit — have become some of the best frequently. Read the exhibition description below. Write everything down. Since then. I was pleasantly surprised PL text. They travel to various locations around 3 how often something happens? Make sure you put each adverbial in the correct position. Qualify the adjectives you use in holidays favourite dog bowl.

George Bernard Shaw said. If you could change the world. In the series. Write a review based on the to spark your creative genius. In a celebration of British ingenuity. Save up everything you want to read I had initially expected the whole show to be animated. It can be a single word content. Think of synonyms for the ideas. If you were a colour. Every once in a while.

Google Docs. Many great structure. How could it be improved? Doing the same thing every day does little 6 unusual adventures magazine. Make sure your review screens with a new BBC series. Ask and answer your a review with adverbs.

E 5 why something happened? Cover the text and try to remember the 1 What kind of programme is this? Compare them with your own ideas. This will almost certainly allow your notes — words. Expand them questions. These days. Among them are a robot that takes 4 the probability of something happening? Report on the cheese-loving inventor Wallace. Mother Nature. Repeat the phrases. You can find more than just reviews here thinking time Honestly. Take turns to talk about your topics. Now you have the obviously.

For my husband. It was idyllic. E people are struggling to find jobs. Notice how the intonation changes for the positive and the negative comments. I have no idea where you could complaining about football results.

I was on the floor with laughter. Love it or hate it? For me. Sign up to rantrave. Tick the works of art that you see. Is there 2 Are there any galleries. Choose from: U 4 What years does the permanent collection cover? Recommend the place. Why does the writer 1 How much do you know about famous art galleries. PL it has been.

You will also need to provide of these is El Fishawy. How are the haggling. Kim Hae-Jeng to art galleries like Tate Modern? Is it because of the art or are there other reasons? Why are you recommending it? This 5 What comparison does the presenter make between art galleries. Which have you visited and why?

The building itself is obviously admired all over the to see everything. What question 6 a portrait by Pablo Picasso landmarks. The locals expect it and they fashion. The best time to go is … This is a wonderful place to browse. This place must be relevant where you can take refuge.

You can download all kinds of T 2 What is the impressive thing about Tate Modern things here. In this episode. For those who look closely 1 The presenter describes one area of Tate Modern enough.

It could be a building. The modern artists like Henri Matisse and contemporary can get a bit overwhelming. What is impressive about the place? Did you manage to get tickets? The are made accessible to the public. M are in the papers every day: I always eat chocolate at the end will think outside the box. Watch people sure millions of kinaesthetic learners would rather they are spending their 4 We agreed to pay. Opera and theatre are B: Try to expand the money because it was the wrong sites like YouTube.

No wonder it was sold fallen over now. Authent www. It was full of bizarre surprises. The whole bookcase has overrated. I always greedily eat chocolate at Supposing kids having a chance the end of the day. Did you enjoy your holiday? Did you like his latest book?

She always B: Test each other on B: The do-it. I always eat chocolate. It seemed like a good idea. Did you enjoy the exhibition? SA chance to enjoy them. PL Tickets should be cheap. Monitor and help with any new vocabulary.

S She is always making a fuss about the way I dress. Present habits and Past habits. Elicitwhat expressions 5s already know to describe them, and write 3A Read the first example with the class. Ss work alone tothem on the board. Focus attention on the table. In feedback, elicitverbs and expressions in the questionnaire from Ex I and use 5s' answers. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers anddrill the expression chorally and individually. Teaching tip B Give the 5s one or two examples about yourself first Drilling is sometimes seen as an activity for Ss at lower to demonstrate.

While this is true, drilling new language at compare in pairs. In feedback, nominate 5s from each pair to higher levels is also important, particularly with English share their ideas with the class. Drilling also helps us to focus on stress and intonation, Alternative approach which are very important in being understood clearly. Play the recording a second time ifnecessary. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers and write thesentences on the board. Arrange Ss in pairs and give them a few what she does at the end of the day, how she would react in certain situations.

In feedback, elicit Ss' answers, check understanding Teaching tip ,:: In pairs, Ss give examples of what each going to hear, depending on the context and what we: In feedback, nominate Ss to share their ideas expect to hear. We then process new information by.

Therefore it's important to give Ss opportunities to predict before theyC Ss work alone to match the sentences to the words in the listen. Not only will this help them absorb new information, but it will also clarify what they are listening for.: In feedback, elicit Ss':: In feedback, elicit Ss' Answers: D Ss work in pairs to write their sentences. Monitor and help Answers: When they've finished, arrange Ss in small groups to excessively about plans 4 people who leave doing their: In feedback, nominate Ss from each work until the last minute before it needs to be finished.

Monitor and help with vocabulary, writing any new 1A Ss match the opposites alone, then check in pairs. In words and phrases on the board. In feedback, nominate Ss to share their ideas with the class.

For any of you who work surrounded by other people. Make sure they don't is not the work itself, but the people we work with. There are the people who need to be noisy, while you're trying to escribe other Ss in the class, though. You, of course, are perfect. If you've ever been intrigued to define your type, B 1 selfish 2 temperamental 3 conservative or sat down and completed a questionnaire at work, then it's 4 introverted 5 easygoing 6 circumspect 7 liberal likely you'll have come across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, known to its fans as the MBTI.

Myers-Briggs is the world's most 8 impetuous 9 considerate 10 gregarious widely used personality questionnaire.

Ss read the radio Preferences are split into four sections, so prepare yourself for-: In the psychological bit. The first category determines whether The second tells you whether you prefer to sense or intuit information. The third Answers: And the fourth , se it, but it is widely used by com anies for their workers. Ss listen to the recording and answer the: Jestions, then check in pairs. How do you prefer to, if you like, recharge your batteries at Answers: Well, most of the time, I prefer to go home and be quiet and 3 busybody: Typically when we ask people this sort of question.

Typically, something which is very annoying 6 dark horse: Extroverts are more likely to who has a lot of experience at something 8 set in her ways: I don 't know if you ever unlikely to change her habits or opinions 9 black sheep: Well, you know, I'd lose the screws, and then the directions family group as not fitting in or an embarrassment. Typically when we ask that question, people with a B Ss match the idioms to the situations in pairs.

People who have a preference for intuition, it's not that they Answers: Do you know, it's so difficult, because I think it depends on the speako TIP person, you know Read the speakout tip with the class and ask 5s if they use anyJ: In some ways.. Explain that there is no 'correct' way to learn idioms, and that it's a case of Ss experimenting first, because both people with a preference for thinking, and and finding out which way works best for them.

They 'll do the practical things, 'Have you called the e Arrange Ss in small groups. And they'll then go on to 'And how people they know in their lives, or famous people. Make are you? Well, in that instance I would definitely fall into the thinking feedback, nominate Ss from each group to share their ideas category, I think.

How do you go about doing the food shopping? Ask if anyone knows any idioms for and then all the things that I've forgotten, because I don't do it describing people which use these words. Ss work alone with any great system, I spend the rest of the week running out to identify the idioms, then check in pairs.

Don't give any and picking up. Typically, people with a preference for judging will be quite B Ss match the idioms to the pictures, then check in pairs. People with a preference for perceiving may also make lists, but those lists have a more Stronger classes can do the exercises at home. Random feel , shall we say? At the end of my conversation with John, I got my personality type, which I'll illuminate you on later.

BAsk Ss to stand up, mingle and compare their profiles. Infeedback, nominate Ss to tell the class who they are mostsimilar to, and if they agree with their profiles. Encourage them to use the information in the sentences, andtell them not to worry if they don't understand them fullyat this stage. When they are ready, Ss compare their ideas inpairs. In feedback, elicit Ss' answers, and be prepared to givefurther explanations and examples where necessary.

In feedback, elicit Ss' answers ague language. Name, From,-se, Profession, Background, Hopes for the future. Monitor and help with ideas dressed, kind, guarded When Ss have finished, collect the portraits and display C no pretensions, not posh, artist, novelist,:. Groups take it in Don 't give any answers yet. Ss read what Monitor and help where necessary, but don't give any answers:.

Speak Out Advanced Students’ Book 2nd Edition | ETAS

D Ss listen again and check their answers. In feedback, elicit Answers: Ss work in pairs to discuss: Encourage 3 Focus attention on the expressions used for speculating,:: In feedback, elicit and explain that we can use these expressions w hen we're:: In feedback, elicit Ss' answers and drill the Answers: I think this woman looks very intelligent. Mmm - she's got, she's got an in She looks a bit puzzled to me.

I think she looks thoughtful.: Ss discuss the questions in pairs. Monitor and help with M I: Yeah, pensive.

In feedback, elicit Ss ' answers and M2: Yes, maybe. But the way she's sitting It's very unusual It seems like she's trying to say something - do you know what I mean? Oh, by the way she's Tryi ng to make a statement by That I Mmm WI: Yeah, she gives the impression of being very at ease with herself - doesn't she? I think she's I wonder what she Portrait C M I: Now this chap looks like he's in a world of his own D'you think she's a teacher? I can't make out where this is. Difficult, isn't it?

I was gonna say It looks quite set up, doesn't it? But something that's not Yes it does. They look like props in front of him. Yes - there is a mug, there's The way she's Oh yes. I wondered that, with the I can see Yeah yeah. And that looks like a paper bag with his lunch in or something.

Brown paper bag Do you think she works ah He he's not a He's he's brought his lunch in a Hmm M2: I think it looks. I don 't get the plug if it is a plug. I don't understand that. Yeah - incongruous. That kind of stuff. It's quite amusing. Yeah - as if he's trying to make a point about how ridiculousM I: I wouldn't wanna get into an argument with her or absurd er his life is or life in general is.

What d'you reckon his job might be? I don't know. When you said you thought somebody with glasses lookedPortrait B intellectual - do you think he's intellectual?

No, this time not. This guy looks kind of I'd say intellectual. You've got all the M2: What is it then, what.. He could be an artist.

Mmmhmm WI: Mmm M2: But there 's something otherworldly about the. But don 't you think that it's the glasses that are making us MI: Mmm think that? Put a pair of glasses on someone and they suddenly WI: It's all that red behind him. Like he's bridging different worlds. Hmm, maybe. So he he could be a creative; he could be a novelist or aWI: Somebody who fuses fiction and reality.

But it's also It's a -yeah, something like that. It's also the hand on the chair Stronger classes could read the notes and do the exercise that I'm I'm Otherwise, drill the phrases from the chart,M I: In feedback, elicit 5s' answers. I'd say he looks mm He could be American. Hard to say isn't it? Ahh, yeahWI: Do you think that's his room? I wonder if it's his study - yes. Like a study or a library? Again, it makes me think maybe he's in academia.

Yes, it could be.. But again he's dressed. Very casually. It's not formal, is it?

So you'd think that might suggest it's his home or something. I think he looks kind. Hmm, I think there's something guarded there. I think there'sM I: He knows something. There's something knowing in his eyes Yes and not necessarily going to tell us. C 5s mark the examples alone then check in pairs. Monitor and model where necessary. I'd say she Elicit the correct lEARN TO use vague language answers, then play the recording once more for 5s to repeat5 Ss read the language in the chart, then discuss the questions the phrases.

Vague language sounds casual. Also seespeakout tip. Monitor and note any common errors or examples of good language, and encourage 5s to use the language from the: In feedback.

When they have: What would you wear? What pose would you choose? Play the What mood would you be in?

In feedback, elicit 5s' in the portrait? Would you be on your own? Give 5s one or two minutes to think about where they would want to be if they were having their portraitAnswera: When they are ready, 5s3 IleWol9f stuff..

Yp later. In feedback, nominate 5s to share their ideas with the class. Correct any common class errors.! We've gotplenty of time. S We've sort of finished When 5s are doing fluency work, it's important not to interrupt them to correct errors, to ensure they canElision occurs when a sound disappears in rapid, natural maintain their 'flow'.

Therefore, while 5s are speaking,speech. This makes it easier to say, and avoids having monitor unobtrusively and make note on common errorso put certain consonant sounds together to maintain a and good examples of language use. During feedback,regular rhythm and speed. Also, explain and drill any good examples of language use you heard. Why don't we becomeswa ld;mnwi: Ifl uently and distinguish words more easily when listening.

In be about, this is an intrusive I j I sound, as itisn't written. In plenty of and forty or so, it's a linking sounJdas it's written. Francesco is a good person to host the programme because he is a historian and writer and hislearn and practise how to talk about a possession, and write a famil ' has lived in Venice for centuries.

What do youknow about your family history? Has your family always lived in words in the box first. In feedback, elicit 5s ' answers, and bethe place where you live now? Who is your oldest living relative? Arrange 5s in small groups to discuss the questions.

Infeedback, nominate 5s from each group to share their answers Answers: Monitor and help with vocabulary, writing any new words and new vocabulary. Play the DVD. In feedback, nominate 5s from each in the correct order, then check their answers in pairs. Ingroup to share their ideas with the class. Culture notes Answers: It has a population SA 5s answer the questions in pairs from memory. Monitor of around , and is popular with tourists from and help where necessary, but don't give any answers yet.

It is unique in its geography in that it is composed of I 17 small islands, and the main form of B Play the DVD again for 5s to check their answers. In transport is by river, with the maritime part of Venice feedback, elicit 5s' answers.

The most famous form of transport is the gondola, though this is now mostly used by Answers: Venice was a very powerful in terrible condition. They used their house as a warehouse, a showroom, a place to make money and a landing stage. Optional extra activity Do a 'Venice Qu iz' with the class, before sharing the 6 5s discuss the questions in pairs. Monitor and help with information in the culture notes. Arrange 5s in groups of three, elicit a team name from each group and write it on vocabulary, writing any new words and phrases on the board.

Ask each group to appoint a 'secretary' who In feedback, nominate 5s to share their ideas with the class. It was around this time my family became successful I. Venice has lots of rivers. False - it has lots of salt water merchants and decided to build a grand house. It is the oldest palazzo to survive on the Grand Canal. Now it is rotting and canals one of the saddest sights of the city. It breaks my heart. This palace is called Ca' da Mosto.

It was built by my family 2. Over 2 million tourists visit Venice every year. True in the thirteenth century and my ancestors lived here nearly four hundred years until , when it was bequeathed to 3. No other city in the world has more canals than Venice. I've driven past it a thousand times, but I've never been inside. False - Birmingham, England's 2nd largest city, has more If I have to be sincere, I'm a little shy to come inside this place - because I have always seen this house from outside; miles of canals the mask that normally the public sees.

It's difficult to enter a world where you have never been before, a place you know 4. Most Venetian residents use gondolas every day to go all the people of your family lived over many centuries. It's quite a strange sensation, something that gives you a feeling to work.

False - nowadays these are mostly only used by of all the history on your shoulders, the thing of who you are in this moment of your life. My family didn't just live in this house, they did business here.

They used their house as a warehouse, a show room, 5. Venice has no internal roads for cars. True a place to make money and a landing stage, because the 6. Leonardo da Vinci was born in Venice. False - he was most profitable goods were from overseas, so a successful merchant had to be a sailor too.

The group with the most points wins. Other 5s listen and guess what the object is. The object is a very old carpet. Her great-grandfather took it from Calcutta player , a scratchy recording one that has been played so many The speaker inherited it from her times it has got damaged , handed down passed on from ;randmother.

In feedback, ;randfather taking it from Calcutta to 50uth Africa. Also elicit 5s' answers. Jecause she inherited it and will pass it on to her children.

Childhood memory of it hanging on her Answer: It is associated with childhood memories and ;randmother's wall. Refer 5s back to the ideas for planning on pi 0, and encourage them to plan My treasured possession is a very old carpet that has been in their ideas carefully before beginning writing. Monitor and help with vocabulary, writing My great grandfather was a salesman. He sold carpets in any new words and phrases on the board. When they have Calcutta.

During the nineteen-fifties he went bankrupt and finished , 5s show their descriptions to each other. Legend has it that he took nothing but the clothes he was wearing and this carpet.

Alternative approach I'm not sure this is true, but that's the story. Anyway, he made When 5s have finished, collect their descriptions and his fortune in South Africa and the carpet remained in the pin them up on the wall. When he died, my grandmother inherited it and instead descriptions.

In feedback, elicit which descriptions 5s liked of putting it on the floor of her house in Durban, she hung it best, and why. Even as a young child I remember it. It's a little bit old and frayed now. I suppose I should repair it. Some of the weaving is falling apart, but it still looks OK.

When I die, my children will have it, and then their children, so it will always be in the family. In feedback, elicit 5s';,-swers and drill the Key phrases chorally and individually. It has been in my family for four ;enerations.

Monitor and- e p with vocabulary, writing any new words and phrases on: Encourage 5s to ask'J ow-up questions to find out more information.

In feedback, The notes below correct the sentences alone then check their answers in pairs. For example, Answers: S I'm more inclined to phone people than to send them a text. I can't stand it when it's in a mess. Listen carefully Alternative approach to 5s' pronunciation of the phrases and if necessary, drill them Do this exercise as a race. Arrange 5s in pairs, and ask chorally and individually. The first pair to finish wins.

Give 5s five minutes to choose three or four sentences and change them about Optional extra activity their partners. Monitor and check they are forming correct Do a backwards dictation. Arrange 5s in small teams, sentences. When they are ready, 5s read out their sentences elicit a name for each team and write them on the board.

Teacher's Book (Advanced)

In feedback, nominate Dictate the phrases, starting with the last letter of each one 5s to tell the class something new they learnt about their and working backwards. The first team to guess the word partner.

The team with the most points at the end wins. Listen carefully to past simple and past continuous. With weaker classes elicit the 5s ' pronunciation of the words especially mature, obstinate first answer as an example. B Read the example with the class, and elicit the reason for B Read the example with the class.

Early finishers can Ib. Monitor and choose more words and repeat. In feedback, nominate 5s to help where necessary. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers and be share their occasions with the class. Optional extra activity To provide extra practice of the continuous aspect, write In feedback, elicit 5s' answers. As a follow-up, 5s can test each the following verb forms on the board: Monitor and Answers: When they have finished, 5s compare their sentences in pairs.

B Give 5s some of your examples to demonstrate the activity e. I reckon my country will win the world cup. I'd hazard a guess that my boss won't give me a pay rise, etc.

They also learn and practise metaphorsto express themselves clearly, without having related to careers and learning. US Resource bank p and p Warm up: Teacher, amily member, celebrity, doctor, author, other. When they Ss can argue a formal position convincingly, are ready, arrange Ss in small groups to share their ideas. In responding to questions and comments and feedback, nominate Ss from each group to share their ideas answering complex lines of counter argument with the class.

Encourage them to expand on their reasons, giving examples where appropriate. In feedback, nominate Ss to2. Monitor and help with vocabulary, writing any new words and phrases on the board. In feedback, nominate Ss from each group to share their ideas with the class.

Ss work alone to find the other expressions then Ss can give a clear, well-structured presentation of check in pairs. In feedback, elicit Ss' answers and be prepared a complex subject, expanding and supporting points to give further explanations and examples where necessary. When they are ready, arrange Ss in small groups, and ask them to share their answers.

Monitor and encourage Ss to ask follow-up questions. This video podcast extends discussion of the unit Alternative approachtopic to advice. Ss can view people talking about Arrange Ss into A! B pairs, and explain the activity. Ssadvice they've given and received. Use this video discuss the questions as in Ex 3B, but each time you clappodcast at the start or end of Unit 2.

Repeat until Ss are back in their original places, then give student Bs 2 mins to tell student As everything they can III remember from their discussions. I didn 't study, so I failed the exam.

How many times did the spirit transform theelicit a conditional sentence and phrase for describing a regret man? If I'd studied, I would have passed. I regret not studying. Incheck in pairs. Had I been more confident, I Anawera: I could have done more interesting 7 would 8 regret things if I'd trusted my instincts. If I'd known that statistic when I was learning the ropes, I'd be selling insurance Teaching tip today.

But for our trust in each other, we would never have Gapped texts such as in Ex SA are very common in many become so successful.

I regret wasting my twenties. It's a good idea for Ss to read the If only I'd known then what I know now. I wish we hadn't text quickly ignoring the gaps first, as this helps them listened. This in turn will help them generate ideas when completing the gaps. B 5s answer the questions alone then check in pairs. In feedback, elicit 5s' ideas. There is no 'correct' answer Answera: In sentences can use contractions in pairs.

Play the recording forfeedback, elicit 5s' answers and be prepared to offer more 5s to check their answers, then check answers with the class. Play the recording again for 5s to repeat the sentences, and make sure they are pronouncing the contractions correctly. Mixed conditional: If I'd known that statistic when I was learning the ropes, I'd be selling insurance today.

Otherwise, check the notes with 5s, especially the remained a stonecutter. Take 8 blank sheets of paper or fewer if you have a small class , and at the top of each one, write one of the Answera: S If only I hadn't forgotten my keys, we wouldn't be locked out! I could have become an astronaut if.. Watch out! When they have finished, arrange 5s in small groups and allocate. Were is in your class. In feedback, nominate a student from each group to share their answers.

As a follow-up, collect the pieces of paper and correct any errors on the board with the class. Monitor and help with When Ss read out their texts for their partners, they can do this as 'human audio players'.

While their partner, is listening they use the 'controls' eg call ing out 'Rewind! Ss share their sentences, 'Stop! Monitor and note any. Th is helps the m feel in: Ss re place the: In feedb ack, elicit the answer, and ask if Ss have a similar 4 half-baked 5 go downhill 6 living on borrowed time-etaphor in their own langu age s.

In feedback, no minate alone. Ss take it in tu rns to explai n: Monitor and encourage Ss to ask fo llow-up questions. In feedback, nominate Ss from each Answers: Ss match the idio ms to their-etap ho rs by topic helps them re membe r t hem and also meanings alone then check in pairs. In feedback, e licit Ss'-akes it easier to retrieve them w hen they want to use the m.

Xolain t hat they are now goi ng to learn some metaphors, Stronger classes can do the exercises at ho me. Afte r Ex 9B, e licit any similar idio ms in the Ss' Answers: In feedback, e licit Ss' answe rs. As and Bs. When they are ready, go to eac h group and check Ss': I Ex , p 13 1 Answers: Ss peer-teach t heir: Thinking back to the previous night, IIntrod uction wasn't sure how I was going to tackle any of these accusations.

Sitting in the waiting room was rather surreal , with 'books'5s revise and practise verb patterns in the context of living asking each other 'Who are you?

They also practise writing a discursive essay. Luckily, I didn 't have to wait Resource bank p and p long. An older man, grey hair and a suit, came to collect me. As we walked over to our designated corner, I planned my Warm up: In fact, as we talked over coffee, we compared experiences - student lifeWarm up in the I s, with the riots and protests, wild music, and the ambitions they had of changing the world. And student lifeWrite the following words on the board: Interestingly, we found that we shared a lot of the samehomeless people, foreign tourists, the elderly and teenagers.

I think the directness of the experience was eye-opening really. Thediscuss which common stereotypes of these groups exist in candid discussion forces people to keep an open mind abouttheir country or countries in pairs, and how far they agree things, and that has to be good.

In feedback, elicit ideas and have a brief discussion. If, like me, you're the kind of person that is curious about1A Elicit! Write the other types of people that you don 't know personally, thenfollowing question on the board: Do you think living libraries are I think you'd enjoy the 'living book' experience. I went to aa good idea? It gives you a chance to really talk to people,question in pairs before feedback with the class.

One of them was Karrie, a blind woman. Karrie is visually impaired,understanding. Thecheck in pairs. She doesn't like other people doing things for Answers: Her mission was to tackle the stigma that people attach to blind people,2 Give 5s three or four minutes to try to answer the that they are helpless.

She wants to challenge the stereotype that just because a person can't see, they can't do anything forquestions from memory. Play the recording for 5s to check themselves. Karrie lives a perfectly normal life, gets dressedtheir answers, then check in pairs.

In feedback, elicit 5s' by herself, goes to work, goes out socially - and does all theanswers. Well, she can't drive, but that was really one of her few limitations. She told me about successful Answers: These are be able to deal with the accusations. She also talked to make accusations against him. So, Karrie feels that she is qu ite today. S That she was fiercely independent. As she put it, she is able to 'see with her heart' rather really are, on the inside, rather than just how they want to than her eyes.

My conversation with Karrie gave me a whole present themselves, by their appearance. It taught me not to be narrow-minded abou judge people for how they look. Now, you might think of a library as a dusty old place full of in pairs. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers and be prepared to provide further explanations and examples where necessary. After all, when we need to research something, we tend to do it on the net nowadays. People who can share a significant personal experience, or a particular 3 have second thoughts 4 keep an open mind 5 narrow- perspective on life.

I volunteered to be a book at a living library event in Sheffield. Arriving in a bit of a hurry, I looked through the catalogue of available books B Read the first example with the class. Against each 'book' are a few of the typical prejudices and preconceptions people might situations alone, then check in pairs. Next to 'student' were written things like 'lazy', 'politically apathetic', 'do useless degrees'.

Damian Williams. Speakout Advanced (TB)

It has given o 5s match the examples with the rules alone then check in me a whole new perspective. In feedback, elicit Ss' answers and be prepared to give arguments for nuclear power very convincing. S Losing my further explanations and examples where necessary. Monitor and help where home. In each: Ss complete the exercises alone, then check their answers in pairs. In feedback, elicit Ss' answers, and be prepared to 9 to give: In encouraged to play the guitar by his father.

Stronger classes can do the exercises at home. S They were rumoured to have got married in secret. A The aim of this exercise is to give you and Ss a chance Answen: Feedback to 4 to imagine S leaving 6 to marry 7 to have lost 8 being: Ss Arrange Ss in small groups. When they are ready, call out a number toAnswen: At the end, the group with Give 5s mins to complete Ex SA alone, writing their answers. Ss find examples of the verbs alone then check in them down alone. Monitor and help with vocabulary, writing: Read the example with the class and check 5s understand 6A Give Ss a few minutes to read the statements and mark at to do.

In feedback, elicit Ss' answers, and check which situation2 be used with both structures. B Arrange Ss in small groups. Ss first decide which two statements they want to discuss, then share their opinions. At the end, give feedback on their language. I;1on't like getting up early. Write two headings on the board: Ways to reduce the problem.

Elicit Ss' ideas and write them under the headings. B Ss read the essay, and check if any of their ideas arementioned. In feedback, elicit the ideas in the article, and tickany of the ones on the board that are mentioned. In feedback, elicit Ss' answers by going throughthe guidelines and checking how far the essay meets them. It follows the advice: Likewise 2 however, On the other hand, nevertheless 3 Consequently, so, for this reason Ss find examples of thelinkers in the different positions, then compare in pairs.

B Check Ss understand that two of the alternatives arecorrect, and one is incorrect. Ss delete the incorrectalternative alone then check in pairs. In feedback, discuss whythe incorrect alternative can't be used. Remind Ss of thediscussions they had in Ex 6A. In feedback, nominate Ss from eachgroup to share their ideas with the class.

B Remind Ss of the advice for planning your writing from Unit1. Ss plan their essays, making notes of argumentsthey can make and reasons for them. Monitor and help wherenecessary. C Ss write their essays alone. Monitor and help withvocabulary, writing any new words and phrases on the board.

Check Ss are using a range of appropriate linkers. When theyhave finished, Ss swap essays with a partner and discuss howwell they follow the guidelines in Ex 8. Tell 5s not to worry if they don 't understand everything, just to listen for the main points. Resource bank p B Give 5s a couple of minutes to read the statements and Warm up: Play the recording again forWarm up Ss to listen and tick which ideas are mentioned, then check in pairs.

In the board, write the letters of the alphabet in order, with: Jace next to each letter to add a word. Arrange 5s in small Answers: At this level, it's important to train Ss to get as much information as they can from listening to an extract once. By allowing them to compare their1A Arrange 5s in small groups. With multilingual classes, try answers in pairs before feedback, they may be able to combine answers.

This means they'll be more confident in: Focus attention feedback and may not need to listen again.: In feedback, elicit 5s' ideas but don't give any answers yet. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers and drill the 1tending to be honest and not deceive anyone. In feedback, ask 5s to share their ideas Answers: The first is where Ss 'pick up' language, often unconsciously, and the second is where. In feedback, elicit 5s' Ss consciously study new language. Dr David Bailey says, 'I've got a real vested nterest'.

To have a vested interest means you are not Unit 2 Recording Professor Justin Lewis says, MI: As far as I'm concerned, we cannot trust the news we read 'We don't have an axe to grind', which means the opposite. Jone then check in pairs. In feedback, elicit 5s' answers and be M2: Why not?:: Because journalists have an axe to grind.

That's debatable. I think it's very rare to get a truly impartial journalist. I don 't Answers: You side on one side or the other. Optional extra activity M2: Why why would a journalist want to be partial?

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